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May 18, 2021

Liiceanu slams president over Ceausescu comment

Traian Basescu is losing more and more supporters. The latest to leave his side is Gabriel Liiceanu, one of the most prominent Romanian intellectuals. “I agreed with Basescu when he publicly condemned communism in 2006. I related to his gesture. At that point Basescu became my president, rather than I becoming his intellectual. However, when the same man who condemned communism comes and states in a talk-show that, if Ceausescu had led Romania only for 10 years, he would have been a great leader, I have to take a distance from him, because this proves he doesn’t know what he condemned. You cannot officially condemn a criminal regime and then say that, for 10 years of that regime, things were fine. It doesn’t work like that. This implies a deep contradiction,” Liiceanu stated, quoted by “Adevarul”. President Basescu stated, on November 4, on B1 TV, that, had Nicolae Ceausescu remained only 10 years at the helm of the Romanian state, he would have been “a great leader in Romanian history.”

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