Antonescu attacks Plesu

The president of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Crin Antonescu, launched, on Realitatea TV, an extremely vehement attack against Andrei Plesu, who had characterized the PNL leader, a couple of days ago, as “a Rica Venturiano-figure (a comedy fiction character), finding joy in being his own contemporary”. Antonescu replied he was not “happy and proud” to be Plesu’s contemporary. “I cannot see as an example someone who lectures poor me or poor Ponta on morals, but does not find the courage to say, even now, what Basescu is like. There aren’t a lot of people like Plesu, but they are important, they should have set an example for people in this country, and they’ve failed to. They are caught in their own superficiality,” the PNL leader argued. “Our country is in the state it is in because a man like Plesu responded to Traian Basescu’s call, after being called names by Traian Basescu, because he found joy, I don’t know whether in being his own contemporary, but in being Udrea’s colleague, under Basescu’s command,” Antonescu added.

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