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September 18, 2020

Criminal investigation initiated in the case of twins declared stillborn

The police opened a criminal investigation, on charges of negligence, in the case of the prematurely born twins at the Campulung Muscel County Hospital’s maternity, who were initially reported as stillborn.

Charges were filed against the chief doctor of the hospital’s Newborn Ward, Marieta Stefanescu, who, if found guilty, risks a one month to two years’ prison sentence or a fine. In the same case, the Arges Public Health Direction (DSP) initiated its own investigation, under orders from the Minister of Health, Attila Cseke, and the conclusions thereof were enclosed in a report sent to Bucharest. The report comprises all information related to this case, referring to the monitorisation of the mother, the twins’ birth and the treatment they received in the Campulung Muscel hospital. The children were born on November 9, three months early, weighing, at birth, approximately 700 gm each and were initially declared stillborn.

The birth was recorded over one week later and, on November 18, the children were transferred to Bucharest, after the parents notified the Ministry of Health. At present, the two infants are interned in the intensive care ward of the Polizu Maternity, where they receive specialized medical treatment.

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