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March 4, 2021

Rehabilitation of energy system draws European investors

The rehabilitation of the energy system in Romania is a matter of interest for European investors, as regards the implementation of new technologies, with a view to meeting carbon emission targets, the acting chair of the UK Climate Change Committee, David Kennedy, stated, yesterday, in the 2010 Energy Forum, quoted by Agerpres.
“We need a wide-ranging plan to reduce carbon emissions. At the same time, the condition for developing and implementing these technologies is the investors’ trust. For instance, the rehabilitation of the electricity system in Romania is a matter of interest for the investors,” David Kennedy stated.

The latter added that Europe should start working already towards meeting targets set for 2030.

“We have to be looking at 2030, not merely at 2020. We need to have policies regarding the reduction of carbon emission and estimates regarding the way in which we may meet targets set for 2030. We have the opportunity to develop technologies. We can confine risks at very low levels. In the United Kingdom, we’ve reduced carbon emissions by 18 per cent. This was a very abrupt change. We have the necessary technologies, such as biomass. We will need special technologies for industry,” David Kennedy concluded.
Moving on to another topic, the potential for the use of 20 per cent renewable resources out of the total needed for consumption implies a hiking by 15 per cent of the bill which the home user has to pay, the chair of the Romanian Committee of the World Energy Council and of the Industry and Services Committee in the Lower Chamber, Iulian Iancu, stated, in the 2010 Energy Forum.

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