Amadeus, back on the Romanian Opera’s stage

Today, at 6:30 pm, ONB’s “Ludovic Spiess” Experimental Opera and Ballet Studio will host a new presentation of “Amadeus”, the first of this opera season. Actors Marius Bodochi and Razvan Oprea, soloists Simonida Lutescu, Sorana Negrea (debut), Vasile Orheian (debut), Vasile Chisiu and Marius Bolos, pianist Lidia Butnariu, the “Resonnances” string quartet, the Bucharest National Opera (ONB) children’s choir and conductor Ciprian Teodorascu will meet the public in the Opera foyer, whence they will invite them to succumb to the charm of an ever mesmerizing performance. The production is directed by Marcel Top. “Amadeus” premiered earlier this year, on March 2. The performance offers the chance of an extraordinary encounter with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s music, with the text of Peter Schaffer’s play and with excerpts from the composer’s letters, all fused together by Marcel Top’s artistic vision. The stage set is signed by Divrician, while costumes were designed by Anca Cernea and created by Romanita Iovan and Mihaela Drafta. The production is a project of the Ileana Mustatza Foundation, in collaboration with the Bucharest National Opera.
Venue: Bucharest National Opera, 70-72 Mihail Kogalniceanu blvd.

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