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March 5, 2021

Labour committee sets retirement age at 60 for women, 64 for men

Representatives of the opposition parties PSD and PNL voted, on Monday, in the Lower Chamber’s Labour committee, while re-examining the pension law, a joint amendment, which sets as the standard retirement age 60 for women and 64 for men. The ruling coalition’s deputies had left the Labour committee’s meeting, which had been called to re-examine the pension law. At the same time, the amendment in question stipulates that “the minimum term of contribution is of 10 years for men and women alike”, and “the full term of contribution is 30 years.” The PSD and PNL deputies elaborated jointly the said amendment, which was voted after the ruling coalition’s MPs walked out from the Labour committee’s meeting – called to re-examine the pension law, at president Traian Basescu’s request -, on the grounds that, by adopting PSD and PNL’s proposal to re-examine the law in its entirety, the committee was acting in violation of the Constitution.

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