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September 30, 2022

Romania, Hungary mark 90 years of diplomatic ties

Bogdan Aurescu, the Romanian State Secretary for European Affairs, on Monday said that 90 years after Romania and Hungary established bilateral diplomatic relations, the reconciliation between the two countries is a reached goal, “even if isolated exceptions sometimes appear at societal level.” In his speech at an event celebrating the 90-year anniversary of bilateral relations between Romania and Hungary, the Foreign Ministry official outlined the contribution brought by the Magyar community to the development of Romania.
Aurescu underscored the common Romanian-Hungarian history, including after 1990, ‘not lacking trials and tribulations”, but emphasized their being overcome. “After 1990, we have gone together through many important, emblematic moments of the Romanian-Hungarian reconciliation and the construction of a modern relationship aimed at a joint future,” Aurescu said.

For his part, Hungary’s ambassador to Romania, Oskar Fuzes, said that Romania and Hungary have succeeded to a great extent overcoming “huge historical burdens,” a model for solving similar conflicts. “We have largely succeeded overcoming some huge historical burdens, which offers an example for other similar conflicts. What we call to mind here is but the past 90 years and, were a summing up be the case, we could be proud of ourselves. We reached the moment when we can say: Romania and Hungary are not allies on paper only in an international framework, but really good friends and neighbours. We are bound by interests and values,” ambassador Oskar Fuzes said.

The Hungarian diplomat also referred to a recent conflict surrounding the director of the National Theatre in Budapest withdrawing his commitment to make the theatre available for some events being held on Romania’s National Day, a decision taken under pressure from several Magyar political groupings. Hungary’s ambassador said yesterday that the Budapest National Theatre holds special importance to the development of the Hungarian nation and it is not “the most suitable venue for celebrating Hungary’s loss of Transylvania.” “We understand this is Romania’s National Day. I wish all the best to Romania (…) The Romanian side too must understand Magyar sensibility,” he said.

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