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January 16, 2022

PNL calls for Predoiu’s hearing over pay cut rulings

The National Liberal Party (PNL) Deputy Alina Gorghiu called yesterday, on the Chamber’s Legal Committee, to summon the Justice Minister, Catalin Predoiu, to hearings, in relation to the ministry’s petition to the High Council of Magistrates (CSM) to initiate a disciplinary investigation in the case of the Valcea court judges, who issued a favourable ruling to the public sector employees’ suit against the 25 per cent wage cuts. In the Deputy’s opinion, the petition represents a “serious interference” by the Executive in the matters of the judiciary. The PNL MP argues the CSM investigation is “a gesture meant to intimidate” the magistrates, especially as the Executive is a party in the suits in question. On the other hand, Alina Gorghiu reminds the Justice Ministry that the institution is monitored by the European Commission and that Romania is hoping for a more favourable report on justice.

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