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February 28, 2021

Two South Korean civilians died in attack by North

The bodies of two civilians have been found on the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, shelled in Tuesday’s attack by the North, according to BBC. Two South Korean marines also died, and many were injured when dozens of artillery shells hit the island – most of them striking a military base. The burnt bodies of two men in their 60s were found on Wednesday on the island, which lies near the disputed inter-Korean Yellow Sea border. According to the South Korean Coast Guard, they were believed to be construction workers. South Korea returned fire after the attack, said it was suspending flood aid to the North and threatened missile strikes if there were “further provocations”. In response, North Korea repeated claims that Seoul provoked the artillery attack by firing into the North’s territory.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called it one of the “gravest incidents” since the end of the Korean War. In a phone call, US President Barack Obama assured the South Korean president of his country’s firm and full commitment to the defence of an ally. The two countries are due to hold joint military drills beginning on Sunday. A US aircraft carrier with 75 warplanes left a naval base south of Tokyo on Wednesday, bound for Korean waters.

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