Geoana: Schengen debate questions role in the EU

Senate Speaker Mircea Geoana said during a debate on Thursday that Romania’s accession to the Schengen Zone has sparked a dramatic debate in Europe, which is less about borders and more about Romania being plainly unfit for the EU. “If you listen to the discussion about Schengen, this is not about Romania’s borders; it’s a discussion that is taking a dramatic turn in Europe. It started by wondering whether Romania was ill prepared when it joined the European Union, but it is evolving to the point when it will question if Romania is fit for the European Union at all,” Geoana said.

There is an obvious difference of nuance between the two questions, said the Speaker of the Senate, who urged politicians to get past their ideological differences and deal with the things that do not work in Romania.
“I think you understand this very important nuance and I also think we all have this obligation – regardless of our political differences, passions and affiliations to various ideologies – to do something before it is too late,” Geoana said. He explained that, if Romania does not take the path of development and does not correct what is wrong, then it risks becoming “the sick man of Europe.”

“If we don’t reach several conclusions about the things that are wrong in Romania and we don’t try to correct them and put the country on the road of development, the risk I see for Romania is that we’ll turn, little by little, in some sort of sick man of Europe,” Geoana warned.

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