Nik Bärtsch in exceptional piano recital

The Bucharest National Theatre (TNB) and Green Hours 22 jazz-café bring us, this Sunday, a special guest, the Swiss pianist Nik Bärtsch, in a concert set to start at 8 pm. The concert is part of a series of events meant to celebrate the theatre’s polyvalent dimension, which will offer us, alongside theatrical performances proper, concerts, visual arts and dance events, etc., under the generic title TNB Parateatral.

The programme will include a series of solo piano recitals, by internationally acclaimed musicians, organized in partnership with the Green Hours indie club. Green Hous 22 jazz-café decided to open this series with a recital by Nik Bärtsch, today’s most celebrated Swiss jazz musician. Furthermore, one of the most representative artists of the legendary ECM label, Nik Bärtsch tempts us, on his second visit to Bucharest (he was also present, in May, at the second edition of the GHIJ Fest), with a rare event in the Capital’s artistic life: a Modern Solo Piano recital. Tickets are still on sale at Green Hours.

Venue: National Theatre

Address: 2 Nicolae Balcescu

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