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September 28, 2022

PM urges Parliament to set no-confidence vote date

UDMR leader: If education law fails, we’ll have a problem with ruling coalition.

Prime Minister Emil Boc yesterday sent a letter to the speakers of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, urging them to set as soon as possible a date for debates and vote on the opposition’s no-confidence motion, the government’s press bureau announced. The PM demands in the letter that a joint session of both chambers’ Permanent Bureaus be called immediately, in view of finalising procedures for the government’s decision to take responsibility over the education law in Parliament.

The no-confidence vote was filed on October 29, but debates on it were postponed indefinitely after the Constitutional Court earlier this month ruled that there was a legal conflict between Parliament and executive in relation to the education law, after accepting a complaint in this direction from Senate Speaker Mircea Geoana. In that ruling, the court said the government had no reason to take responsibility for the law, but underlined that it had no right to force the government to cancel the procedure. This was used by Boc as argument to continue the process and the government filed its own complaint with the CCR, accusing Parliament of blocking the cabinet’s education law push.

The court on Wednesday ruled in favour of Boc, urging Parliament to discuss the no-confidence vote so as to end the conflict between executive and legislative. The opposition however maintains that the government’s decision to take responsibility for the law was unconstitutional. Yesterday, National Liberal Party leader Crin Antonescu underlined that the government’s education law procedure should not be legitimised with the no-confidence vote. He added that if Boc continues the process, Liberals will notify the CCR once again.

In his turn, Senate Speaker Geoana too said he will resort to the CCR if the government continues taking responsibility for the law. Commenting on Boc’s warning that the ruling coalition would have the Senate Speaker dismissed if he ‘continues to boycott’ the government’s plan, Geoana underlined that it’s Parliament that controls the government, not the other way around.

Meanwhile yesterday, President Traian Basescu voiced support for the government’s education law procedure, saying that the cabinet has all the legal right to promote a law that brings about reform.
Also yesterday, deputy PM and Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania leader Marko Bela said that if the education law does not pass, “we will have a problem with the ruling coalition.” UDMR is a keen supporter of this law, which provides a series of advantages for national minorities. Marko voiced hope that the CCR ruling will end the dispute over the law.

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