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September 25, 2022

Report points to Neamt ex Police chief inadequate conduct

Several wrongdoings identified in the local law enforcement body. Sources among investigators into Neamt crime boss shooting say alleged killer could be ‘hired hit man.’

Aurelian Soric, the former head of Neamt Police displayed an inadequate conduct; also his statements and attitude towards the press and prosecutors severely damaged the reputation of the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI), Romanian Police and IPJ Neamt, Quaestor Aurel Vladulescu said on presenting the Control Body report Thursday.

“Through his statements and conduct, the subliminal message to the population was of acceptance of usury, which he presented as a rather beneficial social activity for borrowers, thus accrediting the idea that Police condones such deeds, he created the premises for a significant lowering of the level of trust in law enforcement,” Agerpres quotes Vladulescu as saying on that occasion. He also made the point that Soric’s unsuitable conduct harmed the honour and professional probity of police. Given the conclusions, Minister Traian Igas ordered the Police Superior Disciplinary Council be notified towards judging the officer, Vladulescu also said.

The Control Body of the Neamt County Police identified several wrongdoings, among which a low interest towards dismantling criminal rings, faulty management and superficial controls. More exactly, according to Vladulescu, investigations and case-building have not been pursued according to the working methodology in a number of 2,195 criminal files involving unidentified authors. Further more, a number of 13 petitions have been identified, regarding criminal deeds committed during 2010, classified without being recorded in the criminal registry, assigned a number or subjected to procedural solutions by the Prosecutor’s Office.
Vladulescu mentioned the report findings will help establish whether relevant ethical and deontological norms have been encroached on, as well as those regarding fulfilment of professional duties by police officers.


Cristian Chilat, aka Falau, arrested for shooting brothers Gheorghita and Bogdan Mararu in a coffee shop, is allegedly a hired murderer, according to several judicial sources quoted by Mediafax. Investigators have clues pointing to the investigation going to have only continued up to a certain point, had it been carried on in Piatra Neamt. The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating how authorities in Piatra Neamt did their job in the murder attempt on brothers Bogdan and Gheorghita Mararu. Prosecutors are also looking into Cristian Chilat allegedly being instigated to shoot the two brothers.

Meanwhile, Agerpres reported that Neamt Prefect Mihai Archip has ordered the creation of a special commission to closely monitor crime figures in the county. The commission should start operating ‘immediately’ and will report to the Prefect.


The Interior Ministry status has also been seriously shaken by the case, its revelations reflecting quite badly on the institution. One of the persons arrested in connection with the case told prosecutors that he accepted to act as front for Alexandru Fatuloiu, the son of former Interior state secretary in money laundering operations, daily “Adevarul” reports.

Alexandru Fatuloiu, 26, owns several companies in Arges County and luxury cars. He is known as a usurer, with several compelling execution cases pending in the Topoloveni Court of Law opened against those who failed to return money borrowed from him. His luxury home was donated to him by his father, Dan Valentin Fatuloiu, in 2007, who was the head of the Romanian Police at the time, so that the property would not be listed in his wealth statement, which in turn allowed him to buy a ministry-provided apartment in Bucharest.

Alexandru Dinescu, the son of the leader of the Pitesti branch of the National Peasant Christian and Democratic Party (PNTCD), is among those who borrowed money with interest from Fatuloiu Jr. As Alexandru Dinescu was unable to pay him back, Fatuloiu Jr. started putting pressure on him, accompanied by a judicial executor in the alleged capacity of lawyer or prosecutor, despite that person neither having studied law nor being registered with any bar association in this country.

Meanwhile, the Bucharest Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that businessman Catalin Chelu, who was detained for allegedly trying to blackmail Dan Fatuloiu, will remain on remand. Chelu told magistrates that Dan Fatuloiu had actually blackmailed and put pressure on him repeatedly, seeing to derive material benefits, especially further to their four one-to-one meetings. Chelu’s solicitor Romeo Cosma told judges that Fatuloiu has been threatening the defendants with 48 cases opened against them and which, combined, would have translated into a total of 20 years of imprisonment. According to Chelu’s defender, his client could not have attempted to bribe Fatuloiu as police officers are not competent to solve criminal cases, that being the prerogative of prosecutors.

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