C.V. Tudor refuses to evacuate PRM headquarters

The president of the Greater Romania Party (PRM), Corneliu Vadim Tudor, said Friday that the compulsory execution decision to evacuate the party headquarters cannot be carried out as the building at 2 Emil Zola St also houses other ‘entities’ among which his EMP office. “We’ll go the whole hog, we’ll challenge the District 1 judge ruling in the Bucharest Municipality Tribunal. (…) There’s no way they will evict us, we won’t leave. The judicial executor cannot but ascertain that this building operates not just for the PRM, as this is also where my MEP office is located, they can address the European Parliament if they want this building evacuated,” the PRM leader said. Vadim Tudor accused President Basescu of being behind the action. A banner was displayed on the building Friday, bearing the message: “Comrade Ceausescu, call Basescu over,” framed by two black crosses and the portraits of Nicolae Ceausescu and Traian Basescu. Two mannequins were hung onto the grated balcony of the building, with the photographs of Traian Basescu and Elena Udrea stuck on them.

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