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March 4, 2021

Preventing over-indebtedness, public priority

The National Bank of Romania (BNR), as well as the Government, should become more closely involved in ensuring that certain banking products and facilities do not lure consumers into over-indebtedness, Razvan Resmerita, director of the European Consumer Centre, stated, in a seminar on credits, taking place in Rasinari. “Based on the latest figures supplied by BNR, over-indebtedness soared. I find it hard to believe that the governmental institutions, the central bank, were unable to foresee the risks that financial and banking institutions gave way to by offering loans based on the ID card alone, for instance,” the latter argued. In the same seminar, Silvia Mihalache, marketing director of Provident Financial, underlined that, at present, the Romanian consumer’s trust in the market is still at a historical low, in the ranking of EU member states. She referred also to the financial education programs in Poland which proved effective from the very start. The “Family Budget” project is trying to achieve similar results in Romania.
The first training with teachers in economic sciences colleges and technological ones is scheduled to take place this week. The project also directed attention to children in need of a family’s support, taking this opportunity to promote the SOS Children’s Villages Romania association. (M.A.)

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