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December 2, 2022

Liberal leader takes big lead in poll

Only one per cent of Romanians would vote Basescu for president, while 88 per cent are displeased with the government.

55 per cent of the respondents of a poll conducted by Avangarde published by ‘Jurnalul National’ daily consider that things would go better in Romania if we were to have an independent Prime Minister, while 22 per cent do not share that view. Another 22 per cent were unable or unwilling to express an opinion.
For 46 per cent of Romanians snap elections are the solution to the economic crisis, while 36 per cent do not see that as a viable solution. 54 per cent of the respondents consider that all politicians are guilty for the current state of the Romanian economy, 21 per cent identify the Boc Government as the culprit, 15 per cent point to Traian Basescu and 2 per cent blame PSD. 88 per cent of Romanians are displeased, very displeased or not pleased at all with the Boc Government, while only 11 per cent are pleased, very pleased or completely pleased. In this context, 25 per cent of the respondents want the country to be governed by PSD and PNL, 17 per cent prefer a government of technocrats and 12 per cent another government. 5 per cent of the respondents want PDL and PNL at the government’s helm, 3 per cent prefer the current ruling coalition and 2 per cent would prefer a PDL-PSD coalition. 36 per cent of the respondents were unable or unwilling to express an opinion.

If Presidential elections were to take place next Sunday, 30 per cent of the 56 per cent of respondents that answered would vote for Crin Antonescu, 28 per cent would vote for Victor Ponta, 12 per cent for Dan Diaconescu, 10 per cent for Vadim Tudor, 5 per cent for Theodor Baconschi, 4 per cent for Dan Voiculescu, 2 per cent for Razvan Ungureanu, 2 per cent for Mircea Geoana and 1 per cent for Traian Basescu.

In case of Parliamentary elections, 39 per cent of the 55 per cent of the respondents that answered would vote for PSD-PC, 23 per cent for PNL, 16 per cent for PDL, 7 per cent for PRM, 6 per cent for PP, 5 per cent for UDMR and 4 per cent for other parties.

When it comes to confidence in politicians, 59 per cent of Romanians state they have no confidence in Basescu, only 11 per cent having significant or total confidence in the Head of State. PNL leader Crin Antonescu enjoys a lot/significant confidence from 31 per cent of respondents, while PSD leader Ponta enjoys the same from 27 per cent of the respondents.

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