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February 26, 2021

Moldova and Ukraine will look for Russia’s protection against Romania, Ukrainian expert says

‘The aggressive policy promoted by Romanian president Traian Basescu becomes more and more provocative towards Europe. His statements should be regarded differently after Romania’s accession to NATO and the EU,’ Ukrainian politologist Maksim Vetrov says. He stressed that within the Romanian society persists the idea that the border lines are unjust. The goal of Greater Romania is stronger as compared to other beliefs in Russia and Ukraine. Anyway, such beliefs are strong in Romania,’ Vetrov told Regnum agency, quoted by Hotnews. The politologist believes ‘Romania’s ambitions and the statements of the president are working in favour of consolidating Russia’s geopolitical position, the main counter-balance to EU and NATO. It is normal that Romania’s ambitions to worry Ukraine and Moldova. The silence kept by EU and NATO, which do not take positions to calm down their ally, makes necessary a serious analysis of the Romanian threat. Who is to guarantee the security for the countries a NATO member is looking to? China is too far away; the only one could be Russia. An EU member is pushing, practically, Ukraine and Moldova, towards an alliance with Russia in order to defend themselves from NATO and EU,’ Verov says.

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