St Nicolas Fair at Peasant’s Museum

Marking the start of the festive season The Peasant’s Museum in Bucharest will host this weekend its traditional St Nicholas Fair, featuring work by around 150 artisans from different regions of the country. Potential purchases range from traditional wood and pottery items to decorative rugs and hand-made jewellery. Opened between December 3-5, the event will bring together potters, blacksmiths, masons, furriers, confectioners and painters. Most of these, ar­riving from distant parts of Romania where tradition is still very well kept, will bring on display a wide range of objects from baskets, masks, toys, flutes, scarves, skirts, shirts, ornaments, shoes, rugs, towels, bowls, dishes, pots, icons, painted furniture, chests, belts and bags, and many more traditional items from Roma­nian culture. All kinds of gourmet treats, such as a feast of gingerbread, cakes, honey, pies, apple juice, kurtos kalacs, brandy and wine, will also be available. The event includes a pottery de­mon­stration on December 3, at 12.00, at the Crea­tivity Workshop, to a shadow theatre performance on De­cember 5, at 11.00, at MTR Club. Entrance costs RON 4, or RON 2 for students and pensioners.

Venue: Peasant’s Museum

Address: 3 Kiselleff Ave.

Visiting hours: 10 am- 6 pm

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