Egypt vote in run-off election amid fraud row

Egyptians voted on Sunday in a second round of parliamentary elections, a week after the first round was blighted by allegations of fraud, BBC informs. The ruling NDP, which won almost all of the seats in the first round, was set for a crushing victory after the two main opposition blocs pulled out. They accuse the NDP of fixing the vote – claims the NDP says are sour grapes. The top two candidates in seats where no-one polled more than 50 per cent of the vote are supposed to contest the run-off. But the NDP, which won 209 of the 222 seats decided in the first round, is set to win all but a handful of the 287 seats up for grabs on Sunday. In many seats, the run-off will be contested between two NDP candidates. Videos have been circulating on the internet appearing to show ballot boxes being stuffed, and gangs destroying ballot boxes.

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