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March 9, 2021

League I: FC Timisoara coach Cosmin Contra sacked

FC Timisoara finished its away game against Gloria Bistrita in a tie, score 3-3, after it led by two goals to nil and by 3-1. Cosmin Contra was sacked following a harsh verbal dispute he had with club owner Marian Iancu. Dusan Uhrin may take over the team. “If Mr. Marian Iancu is not pleased then he should come here and coach,” Cosmin Contra stated following the first statements Marian Iancu made, statements in which he expressed his disappointment with the team’s performance. Iancu reacted promptly and sacked Contra. “We will find a replacement for Contra if he speaks this way. You have seen how the team looks. If you don’t understand that someone else has to deal with the referees and you are insolent like Cosmin is, you’ll leave. Because of the way he talked to me this evening Cosmin will never coach this team while I am here,” Iancu stated for GSP TV. “Did Cosmin have to come out on TV and discuss the refereeing? What is there to discuss when the team looks the way it looks? Am I the dumb one and is he the smart one? Fine, I am dumb and I’ll stay here, but he will leave and will carry on coaching wherever he wants. Nevertheless I’m not sorry he coached Timisoara,” Iancu angrily added.
Being two goals down in the 67th minute (1-3), Gloria Bistrita had an exceptional comeback, equalizing toward the end. Luchin, Zicu and Axente scored for the home side. Velcovic scored in the 53rd minute and Keita’s double gave Bistrita one point. Timisoara’s Burca was shown the red card in the 84th minute.
Timisoara, a team yet to be defeated this season, has thus failed to take the lead in the standings, remaining two points behind Otelul. The latter however has an extra game to play.

Yesterday, Otelul Galati defeated Sportul Studentesc 1-0 to retain the championship lead.
In another important game, Dinamo finished its home-side game against Astra Ploiesti in a tie. Being two goals down at half time (0-2), Ioan Andone’s players came back into the game in just three minutes. Catalin Munteanu converted a penalty kick and Adrian Cristea scored the equalizer. The result, which is the team’s second home-side tie, leaves Dinamo on 6th place with 29 points.


Dinamo Bucharest head coach Ioan Andone stated angrily after the game that the players do not deserve their salaries: “This cannot go on like this. Smart changes have to be made. Dinamo has homogeneity problems. We don’t deserve a penny! Given the way we play we deserve a 6-month salary freeze. The players should respect the club, should do it for the fans,” Ioan Andone stated, Sport.ro informs.

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