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February 28, 2021

Second edition of ‘Interferente’ theatre festival

The Hungarian State Theatre is one of the most dynamic cultural institutions in Cluj, as well as one of the most successful Romanian theatrical companies. Beyond its own celebrated productions, it also plays host to ambitious festivals. “Interferente” is on its second edition and brings together, this year, 11 theatrical companies from eight countries, which will present 20 performances in a space of almost two weeks (December 1 to 12).

The hosts will perform five very recent productions (“Alcoholics” – a Christian “mystery play” set in the world of the dispossessed, “Rosia Montana – the physical and political line” – a social satire created as part of a programme by the Theatre to Support Young Playwrights, “The Diary of a Madman”, an adaptation of Gogol’s tale, the Shakespearian classic “Measure for Measure”, staged as a Brechtian cabaret, fraught with contemporary political innuendoes, and “Lysistrata”, one of Aristophanes’ masterpieces) and a last year’s hit (“Cries and Whispers”, one of the pièces de resistance of this season, also graced with the presence of director Andrei Serban, who will launch a Hungarian version of his Autobiography), as well as two premieres, one in collaboration with the Sushi Center for Urban Arts in San Diego (“Ruins True”, a dance show inspired by Beckett’s theatre), both directed by the director of the theatre and of the festival, Tompa Gabor, alongside a classical text (Buchner’s “Leonce and Lena”), directed by the latter.

Teatro de La Abadia (Spain) will also make a comeback in this year’s edition of the festival, with a Beckett play, “Endgame”. The public will be treated to two versions of the same play by Witold Gombrowicz, “Ivona, Princess of Burgundy”, one produced by the “Tamasi Aron” Theatre in Sfantu-Gheorghe, the other by the Wyspianski Theatre in Poland, as well as a theatrical meditation on Kafka’s “Trial”, a triple performance by the “Shadow Casters” group from Croatia. Guests of the festival also include the French Theatre de l’Incredule company (an adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac’s “The Other World or the States and Empires of the Moon”), the Josef Nadj company (the classic “Woyzeck”) and a co-production by several companies (from Besancon, Tours, etc. – with a 1990’s play, “The Fever”, by Wallace Shawn), alongside the Dutch RO Theatre and the Israeli Habima National Theatre (with an adaptation of Amos Oz).

The Bucharest theatre will also be present, with a play directed by Alexandru Dabija (“Pyramus & Thisbe 4 You”, based on Shakespeare), while Hungary will be represented by the Csokonai Theatre from Debrecen. Also featured on the “Interferente” Festival’s programme are a workshop with theatrical semiotician Patrice Pavis, a number of book launches, conferences (among the guest speakers, George Banu), and, the day after the performances, those who wish will be able to chat with the directors.
The festival kicked off with a jazz concert by the “Elevation” quartet, which includes the Cluj-born composer and musician Lucian Ban, currently living in New York, on his third collaboration with the Hungarian State Theatre in Cluj, alongside saxophonist Abraham Burton, bassist Brad Jones and percussionist Eric McPherson.

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