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January 29, 2022

Tanasescu: IMF had no conditions on childcare leave

The leaders of the ruling coalition yesterday discussed the proposed measure of limiting the childcare leave to one year, but the final decision will be made today. Several variants of the measure were presented in last week`s meeting of the Cabinet. The Democrat Liberal Party supports the variant proposed by Labour Minister Ioan Botis, which cuts the childcare leave to 12 months and grants a financial incentive worth RON 500 to the mothers that return to work earlier, starting with the 7th month until the 24th month. The measure however is opposed by UDMR, which would rather lower the sum, but leave the duration unchanged. With no clear agreement in sight, all kinds of rumors appeared about the fate of the childcare leave. Coalition sources said Thursday that the IMF suggested authorities to slash the duration of the leave to one year at most and limit the benefit to RON 600-1,000. Romania`s representative at the IMF, Mihai Tanasescu however said the Fund imposed no benefit cap: “It is up to authorities to restructure expenses as they see it appropriate; nobody imposes any quantum. Furthermore, there is no such condition in the Letter of Intent between Romanian authorities and the IMF”.

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