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March 1, 2021

Verheugen: MCV was necessary, but it is not correct

Former European Commissioner Guenther Verheugen said in an interview with Mediafax that the Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification (MCV) imposed to Romania is not correct, because it makes Romania look like the only country with problems in the judiciary system, with poor administration, corruption and organised crime. According to the same source, the mechanism was needed to secure the unanimity necessary for Romania’s accession to the European Union. The former European Commissioner for Enlargement adds that he believed this mechanism means the European institutions should support Romania, rather than just be “some sort of neutral observer that monitors the situation and then writes a negative report.” In the same context, the former European dignitary urged the EU to be more active in supporting Romania. In his opinion, in 2007 Romania and Bulgaria were not integrated in the EU as new members of the family which should benefit by trust and respect, but as some poor relatives, whom you should hide somehow. (A. C.)

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