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February 25, 2021

Weekend hit by bad weather

Massive snowfalls have caused several roads to close, wind and fog made several victims. Temperatures will go up several degrees this week, specialists say.

Snow falling throughout the weekend has caused several roads in the northern part of the country to close. Meanwhile, the southern half of the territory was hit by fog and massive rainfall.

In Bucharest and southern counties it rained throughout Saturday and temperatures remained above 0 degrees Celsius. Snow has caused closure of several national and county roads all along the weekend. Police and emergency teams are displayed in the affected areas trying to relieve traffic. All drivers who haven’t adequately equipped their vehicles with snow tires are strongly advised to do so; otherwise they might be pulled over. Yesterday afternoon, most of the northern roads were open, but traffic was adapted to winter conditions on national roads 12, 13 A, where twelve police teams were deployed.

As of Friday morning, snow falling in important amounts affected 14 northern, central and western counties, this part of the territory being under heavy rain advisory, according to forecasters. Mostly hit were counties Arges, Brasov and Iasi. Three trains going between Brasov and Predeal were stranded in the snow for several hours after several trees fell on the rails. Mountainous areas were mostly affected by snowfalls and traffic was restricted or cut. Several national roads in Covasna and Prahova were blocked for hours.

Bad weather continued yesterday as well and mainly affected the northern and eastern counties. In Vaslui County, eight county roads and several national roads were closed due to massive snowfall and heavy winds. On some of the roads, the snow blanket was as high as 1.2 metres. In Prahova County, fog caused several county roads to close and on National Road 1 traffic was restricted for several hours.

In other parts of the territory, traffic was difficult as well, due to under 50 meters visibility for drivers, conditions which made necessary massive police team deployments in Galati, Prahova and Constanta counties. Weekend tourists heading back to Bucharest from the mountainous areas in Prahova were also forced to slow down due to the fog, which brought about several gridlocks on the road. Difficult traffic took its toll on Saturday, when two men died in a car crash in Arges County. The incident occurred during a heavy rainfall, which caused an unequipped vehicle running at high speed, to slide and hit a tree. The two passengers, the 37 year driver and his 42 year old friend were sent to hospital but nothing could be done to save their lives.

Elsewhere, in the northern part of the territory, in Bacau County, a man was found dead on the field yesterday morning, first data confirming he has died from cold.

In Buzau County, several households were evacuated due to landslides occurring in Berca and Odaile villages. A five meter deep hole was left behind by a massive landslide, which also affected an access route between the two villages. Emergency teams were deployed in the area to avoid water contamination and further slides.


Meteorologists warned about possible flooding occurring today and tomorrow in Timis, Prahova and Hunedoara, areas where snow can quickly turn into water when temperatures will go up several degrees today.

The forecast for the upcoming days shows the weather in most of the country will be warmer, even above the average for this time of the year. Although kicking off with temperatures below 0 C, Monday will be warmer starting with the afternoon and will continue to get warmer throughout Wednesday, when temperatures will go up to 15 C.

Rain may also start falling again as of Tuesday, but the phenomenon that will endanger many rivers in the northern and western areas will be snow melting away.

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