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March 4, 2021

Geoana: ‘I went to Vintu to find out Presidential debate questions’

A year after losing the Presidential elections, the former social-democrat leader has come up with shocking explanations concerning the visit he paid to controversial businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vintu.

“What was I doing visiting Mr. Vintu the evening before the final Presidential debate hosted by Realitatea TV? I had information that Traian Basescu’s team had already gotten hold of the questions that Realitatea TV’s anchor was about to use in the next day’s debate. I wanted to find out from the source, from the owner of that media trust, what those questions were and if he could have assured a level playing field between the two candidates,” former Presidential candidate Mircea Geoana stated in an interview posted on his personal blog on Monday evening. He stated that the discussion he had with Vintu was brief.
“Mr. Vintu has no jacuzzi at home – and I’m not a great Jacuzzi fan anyway – nor does he have a chess table; he is a person with a significant locomotion handicap, a person that walks with great difficulty. And I tried to find out whether the debate was about to be balanced. Nothing more,” Geoana explained. He pointed out that his contact with Vintu ceased after the elections. Geoana also recounts that he found out about the pictures showing him entering Vintu’s home, pictures that were published on the Hotnews website several hours before the start of the final Presidential debate, just before entering the set.
“Victor Ponta, my campaign’s spokesperson, told me: “If he asks you whether you went to see Vintu you should lie and say you went home to your wife.” I preferred to tell the truth. Maybe it was naive of me, maybe it was a mistake,” the former PSD leader said.

The Senate Speaker does not rule out the possibility that it might have been a trap he was lured into before the final round of the Presidential elections. Geoana added that from his point of view the main cause behind his defeat was not the debate but “the largest electoral fraud organized in the last 20 years.”

He also criticized the recent statements that Victor Ponta made. The latter stated that he supports a PSD – PNL alliance in which the Social-Democrats would head the government while the Liberals would control the Presidency.

In another move meant to mark one year since the Presidential elections, Geoana issued yesterday to Social-Democrat MPs a report titled “Another year with Basescu, another year lost by Romania.” Under the motto “The emperor has no clothes. But instead of putting some clothes on he decided to strip the others,” Geoana states that the manner in which Romania is governed one year after the Presidential elections looks as if the country “has fallen in the hands of Somali pirates.” In his report the former PSD President states that Cotroceni (Presidency HQ) – Modrogan (PDL’s central HQ) – Victoriei Square (Government HQ) has become Romania’s axis of evil.


Victor Ponta reacted virulently against his former party boss. “What Geoana said about me deserves in reply only a famous movie line. I promise Geoana that if he stops telling lies about me I’ll stop telling the truth about him,” Ponta said. The PSD leader stated on Monday evening on Realitatea TV that he never advised Geoana to lie about his visit to Vintu and believes that we will not find out the truth about that late-night visit anytime soon. Moreover, the PSD leader states that Geoana told his staff back then that the rumors are false and that the visit never took place.

Ponta added for Mediafax that Sorin Ovidiu Vintu was the only person whose advice Geoana sought before the Presidential elections last year. “Unfortunately, back then Sorin Ovidiu Vintu was the only person from which Mircea Geoana sought advice. He didn’t want to talk to us, to listen to us,” Ponta, who back then was the spokesperson of PSD’s Presidential campaign, claimed.

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