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February 25, 2021

Farmers: Authorities want to put traditional food producers out of business

Accusations launched against traditional food producers suggest the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) is acting in complicity with the grand-scale producing companies to kick traditional producers off the market, the Agrostar trade union federation argues, quoted by Mediafax. “The first attacks were initiated by the minister of Agriculture, Valeriu Tabara, who claims traditional products are counterfeit, are not clean and shouldn’t be allowed on the market. You cannot generalise, you cannot tarnish an entire category. The minister of Agriculture should defend genuine Romanian products, not try to ban them from the market,” the head of Agrostar, Niculae Stefan, stated, in a release.

The president of Roma­limenta, Sorin Minea, stated, on Tuesday, that products labelled as “traditional” are, in fact, bought from the market and sold at a double or triple price. He argued that, oftenely products sold in itinerant markets under the label “traditional” are, in fact, bought from Turkish wholesale markets, from Bulgaria or from butchers operating on the black market.

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