Marmureanu: Catastrophic tremor to hit after 2040

Professor Gheorghe Marmu­reanu, director of the National Institute for Earth Physics, pointed out in an interview for that Romania will not report strong earthquakes of magnitude 7+ before 2040 and that the first earthquake of such magnitude will affect only 25-30 per cent of Bucharest.
“We see the occurrence of a catastrophic earthquake with a magnitude higher than 7 – 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 – as impossible sooner than 2040-2060. We’re talking about a window of 18-20 years. This analysis is not a prediction; it’s not set in stone. It’s just that, an analysis. The interesting thing is the fact that this earthquake will be very, very deep. When very deep earthquakes take place in Vrancea 78 per cent of their energy is channelled north-eastward toward Moldavia, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, and Moscow. It always happened like that, it happened in 1802 and in 1940 alike. In 1940 for example Basarabia and Odessa were affected, the latter being basically destroyed,” Marmureanu pointed out.

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