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March 1, 2021

Almost half of Romanians believe Communism is a good idea

44 per cent of the respondents of a poll conducted by the CSOP market research company, at national level, consider the communist doctrine was good in itself, but was poorly applied in Romania, “Romania Libera” reports.

At the same time, one in eight respondents appreciated communism was both a good, and well applied, idea. Only 30 per cent of the respondents were critical of communism. According to the aforementioned company, these results “confirm the tendency of seeing the communist period in a good light”, being fairly consistent with the results of a CSOP poll released in August. The sense of a tolerant attitude to communism is also conveyed by answers to the question whether the instauration of an authoritarian regime in Romania after World War II was a good thing. 38 per cent of respondents answered in the affirmative, while an equal percentage answered in the negative. As regards the subject of communist repression, only 10 per cent of the participants in the poll said they were affected by the policy of the regime. They mentioned material difficulties, the curbing of the freedom of expression and professional discrimination on social and political grounds.

The main repressive institutions identified by the respondents are the Securitate, the Police and the Romanian Communist Party. As regards reparation for the acts of injustice committed by the communist authorities, most of the respondents were rather indifferent. Thus, 52 per cent consider access to the Securitate files is not very important, while 37 per cent believe otherwise. The same percentage (52 pc) argued the enforcing of the Lustration law – which is supposed to bar former communist officials from public office – is not a matter of interest. Only 31 per cent wish to see this law applied.

Nonetheless, when it comes to the payment of moral damages to victims of the communist regime, 48 per cent of the respondents said it was a good idea, while 27 per cent argued the opposite.
“One may conclude Romanians have an ambivalent position as regards the communist regime and what this meant: although the majority of Romanians think there was some form of repression, that the leaders of the regime enjoyed privileges, that the victims of the communist regime should be offered some form of reparation, the majority also think the instauration of the communist regime was a good thing, that communism was a good idea, and the matter of the files and the lustration law are not backed by the majority,” the representatives of CSOP conclude.

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