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March 23, 2023

Lack of consensus on old credits delays talks on OUG 50

The ruling coalition has not reached an agreement over PDL’s proposal to exempt from the effects of Emergency Ordinance 50 (OG 50) the loans granted before the adoption of the act, PSD Deputy Viorel Stefan announced. He thus justified the fact that the session of the Budget, Finance and Banks Committee was once again postponed, from lack of quorum.

At the time when the Committee should have started its new session of debates on OUG 50, Thursday at 10.00 AM, only 11 deputies were in the room, out of the 20 needed to meet quorum requirements, Mediafax reports. According to PDL Deputy Nicolae Bud, secretary of the Chamber of Deputies’ Committee for Budget, Finance and Banks, the meeting was attended by deputies of PNL (4), PSD (2), PDL (3), UDMR and minorities (1 each). The debates will resume next Tuesday. Viorel Stefan believes the ruling coalition MPs were absent because the coalition has not discussed PDL’s amendment yet.

The amendment exempts from the provisions of OUG 50 the loans granted before the moment when the Ordinance was enacted, except for the contracts on indefinite duration already running at the moment of the enforcement.

“For the contracts signed before the time when OUG 50 came into effect, creditors – upon request by customers – have the option, but not the obligation to apply any of the other provisions of the emergency ordinance,” the PDL amendment stipulates.

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