Nicolae Iorga commemorated at Bellu Cemetery

The great historian and statesman Nicolae Iorga was commemorated, on Thursday morning, at the Bellu Cemetery, by members of the Titulescu European Foundation, Agerpres reports. The commemorating service was performed by a priest and was attended by approximately 30 people, including general Mircea Chelaru, professors Constantin Guse, Ioan Scurtu, Aurel Pentelescu, Petre Turlea, the Romanian Ambassador to Cuba, Dumitru Preda, and others.

Present at the manifestation, the professor Corneliu Mihai Lungu said Romanians would always remember what Iorga did “for the Romanian spirit”. He proposed that, on the 140th anniversary of Iorga’s birth, a bronze bust should be set up on his tomb.

Iorga, who was born on January 17, 1871, in Botosani and died on November 27, 1940, in Strejnic, Prahova County, was a Romanian historian, literary critic, documentary researcher, playwright, poet, encyclopaedist, memoir writer, minister, Member of Parliament, prime-minister, professor and academician. Iorga had a tragic death, being taken from his home in Sinaia and assassinated by the Iron Guard.

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