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October 6, 2022

Vanity Fair: Romanians are guinea pigs for American pharmaceutical companies

According to ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine, quoted by Antena 3, hundreds of new pharmaceutical drugs have been tested in Romania. Children took part in many of the clinical trials. The companies paid the doctors that convinced the children’s parents to sign them up for the trials USD 350 per child, the American journalists claim. The magazine also writes that the high level of poverty is the reason for which countries like Romania were chosen for such tests. The magazine is investigating the globalization of the pharmaceutical industry. Iasi is one of the Romanian cities mentioned in the article, alongside other world cities such as Tunisia’s Megrine, Estonia’s Tartu and China’s Shenyang. These cities are not top travel destinations but the American pharmaceutical industry’s scouts have reached them just as they have reached other cities, be they large or small, across the planet. “They have gone there to find people willing to undergo clinical trials for new drugs, and thereby help persuade the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to declare the drugs safe and effective for Americans. It’s the next big step in globalization…,” ‘Vanity Fair’ writes.

Quoting National Institutes of Health documents the publication points out that Romania has a top position in this sad table of clinical trials. Thus, there were 876 clinical trials in Romania, 1,513 in Russia, 786 in Thailand, 716 in Turkey, 589 in Ukraine, 494 in Peru, 292 in Iran, 132 in Uganda and 15 in Kazakhstan.
“Throw a dart at a world map and you are unlikely to hit a spot that has escaped the attention of those who scout out locations for the pharmaceutical industry,” ‘Vanity Fair’ adds.

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