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October 28, 2021

Iliescu denies trying to prevent Ceausescus execution

Former President Ion Iliescu said he is looking to sue Teodor Maries, head of the December 21 Association of Revolutionaries for circulating a ‘fake’ decree that he allegedly signed on Christmas 1989, commuting the death sentence for the Ceausescus to life imprisonment.

“This was nothing but a fake, and I would not stoop to answer to all punks’ allegations,” Iliescu said on Friday, as he was attending an extraordinary congress of the National Revolutionaries’ Block. “The document was clearly counterfeited,” the PSD honourary president said.

“The document they presented was dated December 25, or on that day I was never by myself, we were all inside the Ministry of Defence, me, Petre Roman, Gelu Voican Voiculescu, Silviu Brucan, this was the day the process of the two dictators was held and that evening we had General Stanculescu return with a video recording of the execution that took place in Targoviste,” Iliescu explained. The former president claims the so-called disclosure was “a dirty attack on my credibility” and all other revolutionaries’ association “should stick together and publicly condemn such mean acts.”

The Social-Democrat leader’s variant is supported by reservist Dorin Cirlan, one of the people who were in the Ceausescus’ execution squad. “Such a decree would have meant political suicide from Mr. Iliescu,” Cirlan told Evenimentul Zilei daily. The former officer, who was close to General Stanculescu, claims he has never heard of such a decree’s existence and explains on December 1989 Iliescu’s powers as head of state were still very limited.

In a press conference on Thursday, the head of December 21 Association, Maries said the decree was obtained by the association in collaboration with journalists from a website specializing in legal news reports. The document reportedly shows that Iliescu ordered the cancellation of the death sentence because Ceausescu gave a clear order to the secret police, the Securitate, to stop bloodshed during the revolution.

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