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April 20, 2021

Tango Soiree at Argentinean Embassy

The Argentinean Embassy on Friday hosted a special Tango Soiree, marking the National Day of Tango. Cele­brated Romanian artists performed within the concert, such as National Opera first soloist, mezzo-soprano Oa­na Andra and pianist and conductor Alexan­dru Petrovici. According to Ar­gen­tinean Ambassador Claudio Perez Paladino, tango “represents our country so well in the world and at the same time has a significant contribution to the friendship between the Romanian and Argentinean peoples.” Andra has performed on several of the world’s most renowned stages and has won 15 international awards in well-known music contests, including Francesco Vinas (Spain), IVC (The Netherlands), ARD (Germany), Ju­lian Gayarre (Spain) and others. Petro­vici has a PhD in musicology and currently teaches at the National Music University. Sort of a child prodigy, he began concerting as early as eight, with performances in Roma­nia but also abroad, in Italy, Germa­ny, France, the Czech Republic, Japan, Norway and many others.

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