Unemployment benefit for those who refuse job, discontinued from 2011

The unemployed are no longer entitled to collect a benefit if they refuse a job, no matter the distance they have to commute between the job on offer and their place of residence, or if they refuse to attend professional training programs, a regulation which will be applied as of 2011, the Government decided by emergency ordinance, Mediafax reports.

According to the legislation in force, the payment of the unemployment benefit is discontinued only if the job refused is within a 50 kilometre-distance from the place of residence. The ordinance approved by the Government does away, however, with the condition of a maximum distance between the job on offer and the residence. “People who, at the time they apply for their rights, refuse a job which meets their training or education level or refuse to attend professional training and employment programmes offered by the employment agencies are not entitled to collect the unemployment benefit,” is stipulated in the Government’s emergency ordinance.

On the other hand, the unemployment benefit will amount, as of next year, to 75 per cent of the reference social indicator, of RON 500, and will no longer be calculated in reference to the minimum wage, raised at RON 670, and a similar modification will be applied in the case of fresh graduates who collect unemployment benefits.

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