Experts find letters and numbers encoded in Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

A fresh look at the Mona Lisa portrait has revealed that artist Leonardo Da Vinci has hidden some tiny letters and numbers in the dark paint of the masterpiece pupils, The Guardian informs. Experts say the barely distinguishable letters and numbers represent something of a real-life Da Vinci code. Art historian and president of the National Committee for Cultural Heritage Silvano Vinceti said the letters ‘LV’ are found in the right eye and concluded it most likely symbolises the initials of the artist. Letters were also found in the left eye and, although they are hard to decipher, appear to be an E, C or B. “To the naked eye the symbols are not visible but with a magnifying glass they are clearly see. We know Da Vinci used symbols so we are confident that they are a message from him,” Mr Vinceti said. The historians also discovered a 72, or possibly an L and a 2, painted into a bridge in the background of the famous portrait.

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