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April 10, 2021

Oltean: Boc will not run for PDL president if odds are against him

PDL Vice-President Ioan Oltean estimates that Emil Boc will run for a new term as president of his party if he knew he wouldn’t win: ‘We are too realistic to let him run knowing that he wouldn’t stand a chance,’ he said in an interview with ‘Evenimentul zilei’.

‘At this point, Emil Boc does not benefit from a positive capital of image at all. He is one of our leaders with the weakest position in the popularity standing. If Emil Boc does not run, Vasile Blaga would obviously be the first entitled to run and who would easily win, in my opinion,’ Oltean said.

On the other hand, the PDL vice-president is convinced Boc has been a convincing ‘Stephen-the-Great of the present.’ And yet, he avoids saying in all certainty that he will still be prime-minister after the internal party election due in 2011.

With regard to the criticism of PDL voiced by the so-called dissidents, Ioan Oltean is extremely harsh. The theses of the Cristian Preda – Monica Macovei tandem on the corruption in PDL are not very welcome by the party leaders. It could cost Preda his exclusion. Ioan Oltean explains why, while they ‘respect their intellectual value,’ the major figures in PDL want the two dissidents either within ‘the party line,’ or saying their ‘farewells’ to both PDL and the European Parliament.

‘I have said a number of times that Monica Macovei and Cristian Preda are good at teaching lessons from the sidelines. It’s like with football. As a spectator, you feel that you would do a much better job than the players on the field. I am asking them to come down on the field and play. They should come and see how politics goes. What does Cristian Preda know about PDL? He doesn’t know a thing. What does Monica Macovei know about PDL? Not too much. But the two of them are the beneficiaries of extremely big advantages obtained thanks to PDL,’ said the PDL vice-president.

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