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April 18, 2021

Tariceanu on the side scenes of creating the D.A. Alliance

In an interview published by VoxPublica, former Premier Calin Popescu Tariceanu recounts how the PD-PNL alliance dubbed the “Truth and Justice” D.A. Alliance was created in 2003, adding that such an alliance would no longer be possible today.

“An alliance has to answer a need. Today, apart from some people’s desire to save PDL, I don’t see a public or political necessity in the full meaning of the word,” the former Liberal Premier stated. He also revealed the D.A. Alliance was not built out of ideological reasons, being an alliance “between two parties that had common political interests at that moment.”

Tariceanu added that Theodor Stolojan, who was PNL President back in 2003, at first had no sympathy for Traian Basescu. “After Stolojan became Romania’s representative with the World Bank, Basescu, who was transport minister, sought his advice in various projects. Stolojan probably advised him, only for him to be on the receiving end of extremely aggressive and indecent political statements, something that bothered him terribly. Stolojan used to tell us he no longer wants to talk to this character,” Tariceanu explained.

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