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March 8, 2021

Eleven per cent of Romanians willing to emigrate next year

The percentage rate of Romanians who expressed their intention to emigrate next year is of 11 per cent. At 33 per cent, only the British exceed Romanians in this respect of all the peoples living in the European Union, yet but a mere 2 per cent actually plan doing it in the coming year, according to a Gallup poll quoted by “Jurnalul National” daily newspaper. The reasons for which the Romanians and the British would like to leave in a different country are quite different nonetheless. While Romanians would leave their homeland mostly due to a worsening of economic and social conditions amid the ongoing crisis, the Britons would live abroad on grounds of their favouring countries with a warmer climate and lower taxation than Britain’s. At 15 per cent each, the Spaniards and the Portuguese rank tops among those intending to emigrate during the next 12 months, followed by Hungarians and Luxembourgers (13 per cent), and Bulgarians and Lithuanians, 12 per cent. The poll was conducted on 1000 people aged 15 and over from EU countries during May-August 2010.

This growing trend of emigration from Romania is somewhat expected. Several statistics, both official and unofficial, show that over 3 M Romanians live in Italy and Spain alone, of whom 2 M legally, and a further 1 M illegally. However, the number of Romanian émigrés across the EU is much higher. According to a World Migration Report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), somewhere between 2.5 and 2.7 M of Romanians live in EU countries other than Spain and Portugal, with France, the UK and Germany among their favourite destinations.

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