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February 28, 2021

Minister Borbely: Future car tax not against EU regulations

According to the Environment Minister, all vehicles brought into Romania by December 14 have until January 31 to register them under the old tax norms.

The future car tax is a national policy and is not contrary to European Union regulations, Environment and Forest Minister Laszlo Borbely told a press conference yesterday, according to Agerpres.

‘The car tax will be discussed by the Government at its next week’s meeting. On the website of the Ministry (of Environment and Forests – our note) there is a working version of the ordinance which will hopefully be accepted by the Government. (…) For the time being, the system is just. It is a national policy applicable to a market with a considerable number of old cars. It is a national policy not to fill Romania with other countries’ old vehicles. It is not contrary to European Union regulations. We have negotiated with the EU and we have obtained their agreement’, Borbely said. The minister added that, under the draft law that was subject to debate, all cars brought into the country by December 14 can still be registered according to the old tax norms until January 31, 2011.

‘Cars that have been introduced to the country can still be registered until January 31, 2011. The tax has been in operation since 2005 and discrimination is out of the question. For the time being, it is a just thing to have the system’, Laszlo Borbely said. He denied having given the media wrong information, the only novelty being the one in relation to the Euro 4 vehicle versions. At mid-November, Laszlo Borbely announced that the car tax would be increased by 25 to 50 per cent as of January 1, 2007. MMP officials noted Romania had the EU’s agreement to introduce new car registration taxes as they would be only increasing existing taxes and introducing a small tax on Euro 5 vehicles.

The Ministry of the Environment is working on an additional facility for hybrid and electric cars in order to exempt those from the payment of the registration tax. For all cars purchased in view of registration in Romania before December 31, 2010 and that have not been registered in Romania until the entry into force of the ordinance the pollution tax stipulated in the old emergency ordinance will apply.


At the same news conference yesterday, the minister of Environment and Forests stressed out the fact that, under the 2011 ‘Rabla’ car scrapping programme the number of vouchers awarded for the purchase of a new car would still be three and that the first session of the programme would most likely start on February 1.

Next year we will keep the same system that we have had in 2010. It’s not worth changing the rules of the game as long as things go well. There will still be three vouchers each worth RON 3,800. Romanian citizens will probably be able to start acquiring the new vouchers on February 1, 2010’, Borbely said. At the same time, the official noted that 13,000 vouchers allocated for 2010 were still unused, but the authorities estimate that they will be used up until January 31, 2011. According to the MMP statistics presented on Thursday, a total of 186,854 motor-vehicles of the initially estimated 190,000 have been already voluntarily retired. At the same time, a total of 59,550 new cars – 24,656 locally manufactured – have been purchased within the ‘Rabla’ programme.

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