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March 2, 2021

Patriarchy asks for RON 20 M out of state budget to build Salvation Cathedral

The Patriarch of the Ro­manian Orthodox Church, the Blessed Daniel, called, in a letter, on the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberta Anastase, to support the allotment of RON 20 M out of the 2011 state budget to the building of the Cathedral for the Salvation of the Romanian People, Mediafax re­ports. In the letter signed by Patriarch Daniel, it is stated that this amount accounts for merely 10 per cent out of the estimated cost of works scheduled for 2011, of RON 200 M, which is to be covered out of the donations made by the faithful. According to the Patriarchy, by the 2009 state budget law, RON 5 M was allotted to this project, used in full by the Patriarchy in keeping with the declared destination, and, in 2010, although it asked for RON 20 M, no money was allotted from the state budget for this important objective, the letter further reads. The most significant contribution to this project by public authorities was made, in 2010, by the Sector 2 Local Council, which allotted RON 10 M to the Salvation Cathedral, the Patriarchy further argues. The secretary of the Chamber, Dumitru Pardau, stated, on Wednesday, that the Standing Bureau had decided to forward the letter to the budget committees, which will be debating the 2011 state budget bill.

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