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January 24, 2022

US and Europe face Christmas terror threat from Al Qaeda

WASHINGTON – Confessions obtained from captured insurgents operating in Iraq are highlighting holiday plans for a series of Al Qaeda attacks in the US and Europe, Sky News reports. These are the plans that were extracted from the confessions of insurgents that had been captured in Iraq.

The Stockholm attack is considered a visible contribution to this Al Qaeda strategy, according to Iraqi Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani – and Swedish authorities, along with FBI contributors, are working to connect the attacks with similar events elsewhere, The Montreal Gazette wrote.

“Several members of this terrorist group have direct links with the central leaders of the Al Qaeda organization,” al-Bolani told Sky News. “Those captured represent the main structure of the Al Qaeda organization in Iraq.”

In the Swedish attacks, the terrorists explained their motives as seeking to drive the Swedish military from Afghanistan and to punish the Nordic nation for its allowance of critical prophet Mohammed caricatures by a local Swedish artist.

The war in Afghanistan does not appear to be going well, and a Los Angeles Times report provides a bleak assessment of the American efforts there. The admission of the possibility for a coordinated holiday attack from Al Qaeda comes on the heels of CIA plans to step up drone attacks against 30 named Al Qaeda and Taliban operatives. According to MSN, the CIA has provided the list to its Pakistani partner.

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