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January 29, 2022

Udrea and Preda: Ridzi should quit

After the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) MEP Monica Macovei stated that Monica Iacob Ridzi should quit the party after the Parliament voted against the continuation of the criminal investigation into charges of corruption made against her, two other Democrat-Liberal leaders back this idea. The president of PDL Bucharest, Elena Udrea, stated, on Saturday, for “Gandul”, that it would have been “a good solution” for the party for Monica Iacob Ridzi to quit. “It can be a solution for Monica Iacob Ridzi to quit and thus put an end to speculations made in reference to this case and parallels drawn between her and Adrian Nastase’s case, for instance. And it can be a good solution for the party, also, because, again, this gave rise to all kinds of critical remarks against the party,” Udrea stated. In his turn, the deputy president of PDL, Cezar Preda, argued, yesterday, in a press conference, that Monica Iacob Ridzi’s resignation or self-suspension from PDL would have saved the party from an embarrassing situation and would not have placed it on a par with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the likes of Adrian Nastase. “She (e.n. Ridzi) has managed to obtain this vote which exempts her from further investigations, now the party will suffer the consequences, we’ll see how it affects it. I think the party has the capacity to solve the problem in January, in the Standing Bureau meeting,” Preda stated.

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