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March 2, 2021

US State Dept official: Refusal to grant visas – not a token of ill-will

Deputy Assistant Secretary in the US State Department’s Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, Pamela Quanrud, on an official visit to Romania, stated, in an interview to Agerpres, that the difficulty with which Romanians obtain US visas should not be taken as a sign of ill-will. “I understand that, for this reason, we may not be very popular in Romania. Romanians are very popular in the US, so it is not a sign of ill-will (e.n. the fact that the visa regime for Romanians is maintained), but we have a Congress which has a certain take on immigration, and this is a matter on which we adopted a firm stand,” the American official stated. As regards the anti-missile shield, Quanrud said negotiations between the US and Romania were going well and that the position of the interceptors would soon be announced: “We are locked in talks with our Romanian partners on what we are going to do and what positions we will choose, talks are still in progress, but (…) I think in a reasonable space of time we will announce the positions”.

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