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March 5, 2021

Consumers prefer promotions for their holiday shopping

Some 93 pc of those who participated in an online survey conducted last month by the market research company GfK Romania answered that they usually make winter holiday gifts to relatives and friends, reads a press release.Based on what they choose for gifts, 84 pc prefer sweets, more than 75 pc offer garments and clothing accessories, and 67 pc turn to cosmetic products and services. More than half of respondents choose games and toys, while 27 pc think watches and jewels make great presents. Almost two thirds purchase electronics, IT and telecom equipment, and accessories. The effects of the economic crisis are also present when it comes to holiday shopping, with many Romanians choosing promotional packages put on sale by various vendors. Some 57 pc of respondents choose promotions when they buy sweets and 48 pc when they purchase cosmetic products.

More than in other regions of the country, in Moldavia, 4 out of 10 Internet users turn to jewels and watches, while the inhabitants of Bucharest prefer books and audio gadgets. Almost 45 pc of Bucharesters choose books as gifts, against 35 pc in the rest of the country, while 17 pc of internet users in the capital city buy portable media players (MP3, MP4 or iPods) shortly before Christmas, compared to a country average of 10 pc.

Based on where they do their shopping, 73 pc of subjects prefer supermarkets, 44 choose specialised stores and 39 pc buy on the internet. However, only 8 pc of total purchases are made online. The survey also analysed how Romanians are paying for their Christmas shopping: 93 pc use their own money, 11 pc pay with credit card or use the overdraft of their salary cards, and only 4 pc buy durable goods in installments.

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