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March 2, 2021

Medical premiere at Fundeni

The professor Constantin Arion, MD, the head of Fundeni Institute’s Medulla Transplant Department, announced, on Monday, that a marrow transplant for a child suffering from beta-thalassemia major, the first operation of this kind in Romania, was performed, on October 26, in the aforementioned hospital.

According to the professor, the patient on whom the transplant was performed is a seven-year-old girl – B.D., from Dolj County -, who had been kept alive on monthly blood transfusions since she was one, and the family donor was the patient’s elder sister.

Beta-thalassemia major is a severe form of hereditary anaemia, which advances towards a fatal conclusion in the second decade of life, in the absence of adequate treatment. It is estimated there are 350-400 children and teenagers suffering from this disease in Romania. Before the transplant, the treatment consists in repeated blood transfusions, at an average interval of one month, and iron chelation therapy, one of the major risks for the patient being overload with iron, which is toxic for the cells when in excess, the specialist explained. The only effective treatment of the disease known at present is the allogeneic bone marrow transplant (from a donor).

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