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February 25, 2021

Powerful blast injures six in Bacau

A powerful explosion followed by a fire shook a four-storey block of flats yesterday on Bacau’s Martir Horea Street. Six persons needed medical care.

The fire was put out after approximately thirty minutes. A person suffered polytrauma and smoke poisoning, while two others suffered two and three degree burns on 15 and 25 per cent of their bodies respectively. The injured were taken to the County Hospital. Doctors there stated that the victims will survive. SMURD doctors also gave on-site medical assistance to three people that suffered from mild smoke poisoning and panic attacks.

The blast and subsequent fire affected six apartments, two of which suffered the most extensive damage. The authorities decided to evacuate all lodgers while specialists investigate the causes behind the blast and the extent of damages caused. “The evacuees have been offered lodging within the city’s ‘N.V. Karpen’ Technical College, their belongings being taken to the school’s gym,” Bacau County Prefect Constantin Scripat stated for Agerpres. Firefighters, E.ON Gaz specialists, prosecutors and police officers are currently looking into the causes behind the blast. Lieutenant Andrei Grecu, spokesperson of the County’s Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, stated that “from what I personally noticed it was caused by a pocket of natural gas but the investigations will settle this.” He pointed out that firefighters were on the scene five minutes after receiving the call.

The blast follows four other similar events that took place in the County in the last two weeks – a blast caused by an accumulation of natural gas and three leaks from the natural gas distribution network.
An explosion caused by a pocket of natural gas took place on December 8 in Bacau County’s Zemes locality. 23 persons were evacuated and housed in a rehabilitated building owned by the Zemes Mayoralty. At the start of this week firefighters and E.ON Gaz crews continued to take part in civil protection drills that focused on natural gas leaks from the soil.

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