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March 4, 2021

Car tax, up 45-50 pc as of January 1, 2011

Last week, the Government decided to raise the car pollution tax by an average 45-50 pc in 2011, against its current level, which means that the tax on polluting vehicles will be more than double, almost triple. The tax will be calculated depending on the age of the vehicle, the cylindrical capacity of the engine and the polluting emissions it releases into the atmosphere, Mediafax announces. The highest tax in 2011 (EUR 30,432) will be paid for registering a 20 year old car with a non-Euro engine of 3,200 cubic centimeters. Cars with Euro 6 or electric engines will be exempted from the tax. The Minister of Environment, Laszlo Borbely said the new car tax formula has been negotiated with the European Union. “We also made other – let’s say – insignificant changes, which however have a certain importance. We came with a number of exemptions, such as the one for fire extinguishing. We enforced a provision that will make it impossible to avoid the tax,” the minister added. In a different move, the minister said that the ‘Clunker’ programme aimed at scrapping old cars will go on unabated, with three vouchers of RON 3,800 each, restarting on February 1.

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