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December 5, 2022

New Army Chief of Staff Stefan Danila sworn in

Aviation General Major Stefan Danila was sworn in on Tuesday as the new Army General Chief of Staff, replacing Admiral Gheorghe Marin on the job.

The ceremony was attended by President Traian Basescu, Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea, several other Defence Ministry officials, intelligence agency chiefs, the general prosecutor, cabinet members and foreign military attaches, according to Agerpres.

Danila is the first high ranking aviation officer to take over the Chief of Staff position. During the ceremony, Basescu thanked Marin for his activity and said the success of his term as Chief of Staff proves that the decision to rotate arms at the helm of the army was a correct one and underlined that Danila’s success will come from the Land Forces.

“If until now there were doubts about how the Navy or the Aviation could lead the General Staff, I say what I have always said: a Romanian Army general is a general for any other soldier and a general’s capacity to lead, regardless of his specialty, cannot be questioned,” Basescu said, quoted by the news agency. He added that the same principle is applied by NATO member states and voiced hope the tradition will continue. The president also talked about Minister Oprea’s commitment to protect retired military personnel with pensions below RON 3,000, saying that the Army must have the feeling that it is not wronged, compared with other social categories. He explained that he had a meeting with Oprea and PM Emil Boc about the matter and the prime minister confirmed that the government has managed to allocate enough funds so that no former soldier who paid a full stage of social contributions will get a pension below RON 3,000.

In his speech, Oprea also voiced hope that Danila will be successful in his activity and underlined that the general major is the first supersonic jet pilot taking over the highest army position. Oprea also thanked Marin for his activity, saying that his term was marked by important changes of the military and significant challenges in international security. In his turn, Basescu mentioned that one of the most important moments for the army during Marin’s term was completion of the Iraq mission. The new Chief of Staff said his main priority will be to respect international engagements and especially Romania’s role as an active security supplier by its participation in various theatres of operations.

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