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October 4, 2022

New R. of Moldova government in sight, Vlad Filat vows to have it formed by January 14

Chisinau – A new year brings a new government to Moldova, as the country’s pro-European parties strike a deal to revive their alliance. The agreement was hammered out on Thursday (December 30) among the leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), the Democratic Party (DP), and the Liberal Party (LP).

Marian Lupu, head of the DP, has been voted in as speaker of parliament and will serve as interim president, while the LDP’s Vladimir Filat is set to become prime minister, SETimes reports.
It took more than a month of negotiations to reach an agreement following the country’s November 28th general elections.

“The new alliance is a very good sign for all citizens of Moldova, as well as for Moldova’s European partners,” Leonid Litra, political analyst and head of the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives told SETimes. “The people of Moldova are seeing an end to the situation of political instability which paralysed the activity of governmental bodies in recent days.”

The designated premier of the Republic of Moldova, Vlad Filat stated in an interview offered to Radio Free Europe that he will make the new government by January 14. Vlad Filat added that his party made all the necessary compromise to form a new coalition in Chisinau but they could offer in the new government a position to the communist opposition. Referring to negotiations for the new coalition, Filat said that «in the end everything boiled down to getting certain positions in the state institutions. The Liberal-Democrat party of Moldova compromised, or let’s say it, created the necessary conditions to form the Alliance. Somebody was saying that Filat beat Voronin. I didn’t intend to beat anybody ; I meant to offer the people together with my colleagues this Alliance as it was expected, by the result of the vote. And if I am allowed, I use this occasion to apologise to the citizens who had to suffer. As there were many tension states and I deeply regret this. What is important is to justify this period of time.»

According to Vlad Filat, the government priority is the continuation of democratic reforms and in his opinion, the Republic of Moldova could be « a success story » for the European Union and for its citizens.

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