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March 4, 2021

TV host recovering after severe skiing accident

TV producer Serban Huidu left the intensive care ward of the Innsbruck University Neurological Clinic on Monday, being transferred to a common ward. Last Wednesday Huidu had been placed into artificial coma after he had suffered a skiing accident in Austria’s Patscherkofel resort, Agerpres informs. Serban Huidu came out of the artificial coma on Sunday, talked with the doctors and with his family and ate.

According to the doctors, Huidu will be placed under medical observation within the general medicine ward for the next 48 hours. On Sunday he underwent special tests that showed that his health is constantly improving. His recovery could last “weeks and even months,” with rest being the most important thing for him now, the doctors pointed out. In his turn, Florin Huidu, the TV producer’s father, stated that his son’s health has a favourable evolution, the medical team ruling out the need for another surgical intervention. Florin Huidu also stated that his son will remain hospitalized for at least another week.

Huidu was hospitalized last Wednesday after suffering a skiing accident near Innsbruck. He was kept in artificial coma while medical investigations were being conducted. On Thursday morning Huidu underwent a CT scan that revealed minimal internal bleeding and an external skull fracture, Dr. Erich Schumtzhard stated in a press conference. Likewise, the doctors pointed out that Huidu did not suffer a more serious, potentially fatal injury because he wore a skiing helmet.

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